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what the hec k daehyun

I’ll see you later, Mr. Chaplin

make me choose: jackpot taeil or very good taeil (asked by hambaarroo)

Anonymous asked: what is the most dangerous or expensive city in australia to live in? what kind of city is melbourne?

im actually not from australia so im not sure if my answers are accurate. im an international student who moved here like a year ago lol. most expensive city would be sydney definitely. there is danger in every city just depends on how careful you are. don’t go walking around at weird places and dont make yourself susceptible to dangerous stuff! melbourne is a wonderful city, its rated as the best city to live and i for one agree. good air, acceptable transport system, etc. the bad side of melbourne is that there are a lot of druggies and homeless people because the govt has welfare for unemployed people (i think? heard this from a friend) so these problems are natural.

hi guys (@ followers) im so sorry for being inactive for such a long time. i’ve been concentrating on life and studies since block b’s v gd goodbye lol

but anyway i just saw b.a.p live today because melbourne was one of the locations for their LOE concert!! and so my friend knew i was a b.a.p fan and she asked if i wanted to go and so yeaaaaa

hi mates in the tag!! i hope you guys had fun at loe just like me!

feelings and lq photos under the cut if you’re interested :~)

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girl’s day x pastels


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get to know me meme: {1/5} favorite female soloists

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No one can control you

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IU mvs + color: blue and yellow 

tan’s very strong and masculine girlfriend

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